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San Diego, CA – (February 28, 2005) – It has been four years since the Nisqually earthquake rattled Seattle and surrounds, yet still there are countless numbers of people in the Pacific Northwest who have not taken simple steps to prepare for the possibility of an even bigger quake.


Seismologists continue to issue warnings about the likelihood of another significant earthquake, and while they can’t predict exactly when the next BIG one will strike, they maintain that it will likely be of a higher magnitude than that of Nisqually.


The magnitude 6.8 Nisqually earthquake was the most damaging temblor to hit the region in more than 35 years when it struck on February 28, 2001, and scientists say more earthquakes in the future are a certainty, it’s just a question of when.


Earthquakes strike without warning, they can be deadly, and can occur at any time of the day or night.  Injuries and property damage are the biggest risks, but by identifying potential hazards to our personal safety and taking action now to nullify them, we can significantly reduce threats from future earthquakes.


Unsecured top-heavy objects are the greatest physical threats in an earthquake.  Big-ticket items of furniture such as china cabinets, entertainment centers and TVs can become deadly projectiles if they are not secured.


Earthquake safety fasteners are readily available to secure those kinds of items and are easy to install, plus there are quake putties, waxes and gels for anchoring breakables.  Bruce Wendt of Redmond, WA, realized the value of earthquake-proofing his home after losing treasured possessions in the Nisqually quake.


“It’s cheap insurance and once you do it you can forget about it, because it does a nice job of keeping things in place,” said Mr Wendt.  “I used earthquake putty on my crystal and straps on my furniture, so now I never have to worry about stuff falling over.”


Finding the motivation to make the effort shouldn’t be difficult, although most people tend to put preparedness in the ‘to do later’ category, however, the reality is that if you’re not prepared for the next earthquake, it’ll be too late.


This fourth anniversary of the destructive Nisqually quake should be a potent reminder to everyone in the Pacific Northwest of what can happen when an earthquake strikes, and it should be reason enough to get prepared.