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Escondido, CA – (January 17, 2006) – It has been twelve years since the devastating Northridge earthquake struck, bringing down buildings, smashing freeways and worse still, claiming 57 lives, yet less than 25 percent of southern Californians have actually done anything about earthquake preparedness.


Today’s anniversary of the destructive M6.7 Northridge earthquake should remind us all of what can happen when a major quake strikes.  And it should provide us with the impetus to do something now about being prepared, yet twelve years later, only 22 percent of residents say that they are very prepared.


The message that needs to be emphasized is that by being pro-active we can avoid the trauma and heartache, as well as the expense, of having to replace lost or broken possessions.  Preventive action now could be priceless later and there are simple steps that we can take to safeguard our possessions and protect our families.


Securing the contents of a home is something that anyone can do.  Nowadays, state-of-the-art safety fasteners are widely available at home improvement centers, they’re easy to apply and have been designed to secure everything from TVs and computers to china cabinets and entertainment units, as well as breakables.


It’s no longer hard or time consuming, nor is it expensive to secure the big-ticket items in a home, and it shouldn’t be difficult to get motivated to make the effort, although most of the time most of us make the mistake of putting it in the ‘to do later’ category.  Because earthquakes strike suddenly and without warning we are almost always caught by surprise, but by being prepared we can at least reduce the extent of damage and loss to household contents.


Another common error that a lot of us make is to allow ourselves to be lulled into thinking that there won’t be an earthquake in our region, however, geologists have put that theory to rest by revealing that on average, earthquakes of magnitude 7.5 have rumbled along the San Andreas Fault every 105 years, and while scientists can’t predict with certainty exactly when the next ‘big one’ will hit, the one thing they are certain of is that we are overdue.


The last monster quake occurred 148 years ago and that’s why it’s crucial for us to be prepared.  Preparedness is our best defense against earthquakes, because not only will it protect our possessions, but it might also help save the life of a loved one.