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San Diego, CA Ė (January 14, 2005) Ė Anyone who has ever slid in behind the wheel of an RV and headed out into the wild blue yonder will be very familiar with the sound of stuff falling and breaking every time thereís a bump in the road.


Accidental damage to personal belongings has been part and parcel of RVíing for years, but there is a practical and inexpensive way to avoid that problem and itís called the Museum 3 Pack.


The highly acclaimed Museum 3 Pack, by Trevco, is specifically designed to prevent accidents from happening.Itís actually a combination of three separate products Ė Collectors Hold Museum Putty, Crystalline Museum Wax and Clear Museum Gel.


Each product has a different application to fit your needs.Museum Putty is a universal product that can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.Itís so versatile it can hold things as diverse as coffee cups and collectibles in place, as well as stabilizing mirrors, pictures and other wall hangings.


Museum Wax is best suited for use on sealed wooden surfaces because it protects the wood, as well as holding objects in place, while the Clear Gel is ideal for securing crystal and glass because of its see-through quality.In each case, the key is that a little goes a long way.


All three products are removable and reusable and will secure objects in place until you want to move them.A little on the bottom is all thatís needed.Roll it into balls, or strips, put it on the base of an object and press down into position.These temporary adhesives are non-damaging, easy to apply and come off effortlessly with a simple upward twist.


ďAn RVerís biggest fear is having a valuable, or treasured item get broken on the road, but now thatís a thing of the past,Ē says Trevco president Dean Reese.ďIt also means you donít have to keep putting everything away every time you change location.


ďAt last, you can have peace of mind because Museum 3 Pack adhesives remove the threat of accidental breakage that can happen while traveling.Basically, itís an inexpensive form of insurance.Ē


The products were originally developed in the early 1990s in California for earthquake safety purposes and have since become more widely available across the United States.


For more information on the products, and their uses, visit www.museum3pack.com