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Archive Media Releases

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Preparedness Is Best Defense Against Earthquakes 12/22/2003
Preparedness Is The Key In Case of Another Loma Prieta 10/16/2003
It's Too Late When It Shakes 08/27/2003
Quake Timely Reminder of The Need to Be Prepared 04/29/2003
Second Anniversary of Nisqually Quake - Have You Prepared Yet? 02/26/2003
Sylmar Quake Anniversary 02/09/2003
Swarm of East Bay Area Quakes Could be a Sign of More to Come 02/03/2003
Prevention is the Clear Solution 01/18/2003
Northridge Anniversary a Reminder of What Can Happen 01/17/2003
New Look Quake Wax Makes Its Return At California Gift Show 01/06/2003
Earthquake Swarms Provide Impetus For Preparedness 11/26/2002
Earthquake Fault Zones Under San Diego Should Send Up Red Flags 11/25/2002
Next Big One Likely to Hit Los Angeles - Be Prepared 11/18/2002
Series of Earthquakes - A Warning! 11/04/2002
Earthquake Wake Up Call in Alaska 10/23/2002
Earthquake Preparedness Week June 16-22 06/14/2002
Earthquake Preparedness - The Key to Avoiding Costly Mitigation 02/28/2002
Southland Quakes Timely Reminder of the Need to Be Prepared 01/29/2002
Clever Remedies for Broken Collectibles and Messy Closets 01/13/2002
Illuminating Product for the Home - Shed Light on your world with Light Sticks 01/13/2002
Seattle Quake Stark Reminder of the Need to be Prepared 03/01/2001
Prevention is the Best Cure - Protect Valuable Collectibles the Clever Way 02/01/2001
Museum Gel - The Clear Choice for Preventing Accidents in the Kitchen 01/30/2001
The Ultimate Closet Organizers - Featured at International Housewares Show 01/14/2001
Bright New Product For Summer Lightsticks Light Up The Outdoors 01/20/2000
Quakehold! Buys Out Quake Wax 01/20/2000
Southern California Quake Highlights the Need for Preparedness 10/16/1999
Preparedness is the Key in Case of another Loma Prieta 10/16/1999
Seattle Residents Urged to take note of latest Earthquake Finding 10/01/1999
Preparing For Y2K and Beyond 08/16/1999
Preparing For Y2K 08/11/1999
QuakeHold! Posts New Website 05/24/1999
Threat of Earthquake damage in Oregon can be countered 05/07/1999
April is Earthquake Preparedness month 04/04/1999