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San Diego, CA – (June 15, 2004) – Tuesday’s 5.3 magnitude earthquake offshore from Baja California should act as a wake up call for San Diego residents about the need to be prepared.


The earthquake was located about 52 miles WSW of Rosarito, Mexico, and 56 miles SW of Imperial Beach. It was also felt as far away as North County. A 5.3 magnitude earthquake is regarded as moderate. The 1994 Northridge earthquake in southern California was a 6.7 and it caused massive destruction near Los Angeles.


People can often be blasé about this natural occurrence, believing that the chances are slim of an earthquake striking near them, but Tuesday’s quake should prompt a change in that mindset.


Office of Emergency Services (OES) data shows that the number one cause of damage or injury in an earthquake is when heavy objects topple over and block escape routes.


Earthquake safety products are now available in San Diego to fasten things like TVs, computers and wall units, and to secure treasured collectibles.


“Most people don’t think about being prepared for earthquakes until it’s too late, but the key to surviving quakes is preparedness,” said Dean Reese, president of Quakehold.


“The good news is that there are simple and inexpensive preventative measures that we can take to safeguard our household possessions and protect our families at the same time.


“The fact is that if people aren’t prepared for earthquakes they run the risk of injury, or at the very least, they can lose valuable household possessions.”


Quakehold, a San Marcos-based company, has developed a range of industrial-strength safety straps for securing furniture, as well as temporary adhesives to anchor figurines and knick-knacks.


Safety Lightsticks are another practical item to keep in the home or office, as they can provide instant light in the event of a power blackout caused by earthquakes or other natural disasters. All of these essentials are available at ‘Earthquake Safety Centers’ in major hardware stores.