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Emergency Kits

Pet Kits

Corporate Kits

Survive-All Vests

Disaster Kits

In any emergency, whether earthquake, hurricane, fire, flood or any number of disasters, the smartest and safest way for you and your family to prepare is by having at hand several survival kits.

Many emergencies are accompanied by loss of important services, such as power and water. Struggling without electricity and water, even food, for sustained periods can transform highly stressful times into life-threatening emergencies.

There are many options available to suit any size family and any duration of need. There are also alternatives which contain different survival items to fit a variety of circumstances.

Disaster can strike anywhere at any time, so it is best to have several Emergency Kits wherever you might need them - at home, in the office, and in every family vehicle. Don't leave your family's safety to chance - be prepared!

  • Emergency Kits
    Grab 'n Go Kits for 1, 2 or 4 persons, for up to three days.

  • Pet Kits
    Essential items for small dog or cat evacuation, including a pet carrier.

  • Corporate Kits
    Employee safety, evacuation and survival kits.

  • Survive-All Vests
    Post-disaster survival kits that are wearable vests.