Emergency Kits
When disaster strikes, Emergency Kits provide peace of mind that food, water, first aid and other safety and security items will be easy to find and use. These kits are available in carry cases or backpacks that can be stored in any room, office or vehicle, and taken with you on trips or if there is a need to evacuate.

1 Person Kit Contains:

Carry Case
6 Water Pouches
 (5 Year Shelf Life - 4.225 oz. each)
Food Supply for 1
 (5 Year Shelf Life - 2400 calories)
12-Hour LightStick
Survival Blanket
Emergency Poncho
1 Pair Nitrile Gloves
Dust Mask
1 Pack Pocket Tissues
Emergency Whistle
First Aid Kit (33 piece)

2 Person Kit Contains:

6 Water Boxes
 (5 Year Shelf Life - 8.45 oz. each)
Food Supply for 2
 (5 Year Shelf Life - 2400 calories/person)
2 12-Hour LightSticks
2 Survival Blankets
2 Emergency Ponchos
2 Pairs Nitrile Gloves
2 Dust Masks
1 Pack Pocket Tissues
Emergency Whistle
First Aid Kit (33 piece)

First Aid Kit Includes: 2 extra-strength non-aspirin tablets,
2 Ibuprofen tablets, 2 aspirin tablets, antibiotic ointment pack,
3 antiseptic cleansingwipes (sting free), 3 alcohol cleansing pads,
First Aid Guide, 6 3/4"x3" Curad® adhesive plastic bandages,
10 3/8"x1-1/2" Curad® junior plastic bandages, a 1-1/2"x1-1/2"
Curad® patch plastic bandage, and large butterfly wound closure.