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12 Hour Lightstick (Green)

8 Hour Lightstick (Orange)

8 and 12 Hour Lightstick
(Red, White or Blue)

Power Station

Emergency Lighting

Because we never know when an earthquake or other natural disaster or emergency will occur, it's a very good idea to always have a source of emergency lighting at hand, whether it's compact Emergency Lightsticks, or a versatile 4-Function Power Station.

   Lightsticks are easy to use -
   just bend and shake for up to
   12 hours of emergency light.

Emergency Lightsticks

    Safe, Dependable Instant Light

    Non-Toxic, Cool to the Touch

    Hurricane Safety Light

    Great for Blackouts, Car, Boat, RV and Camping

    Safe Alternative to Fireworks

    Promotes Halloween Safety -
      "See & Be Seen for Halloween"

    Thousands of Uses