Emergency Lightsticks

When it's dark...light your way to safety. Lightsticks are one of the most important ingredients for an emergency prepared home or kit. They are lightweight and can be stored for up to 4 years. Once opened they emit enough light for you to see your way through the most treacherous conditions. These easy to use lightsticks are bright enough that you can be seen from a distance, or found should you be buried. They are available in five colors.

Emergency lightsticks are not flammable, which means you can use them safely around explosive gases. Lightsticks are more reliable than flashlights (which can have dead batteries) and infinitely safer than candles. We recommend lightsticks be kept by your bedside, in all rooms of the house, in your desk at the office or school, and in the car - anywhere you think you will need light should an emergency catch you off guard. These industrial size lightsticks are used by the Military, Fire and Police Departments and are widely accepted for use by the public.


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